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A Message to Frank Clark & Forrest Claypool: An Opportunity to Act

On October 13,  I sent a message to the president of the Chicago Board of Education and the CEO of Chicago Public Schools regarding a CPAA report based on the findings of our recent contract survey.

It is the first in a planned series of CPAA efforts to change policy for the benefit of your schools and students. Without the participation of principals and assistant principals, this effort could not have happened. From those of you who completed the survey, to those who came together at the CPAA offices to analyze the results and write the report, all of you made a difference. It is this kind of member-driven advocacy that will improve the lives of students and educators in CPS.

This first report was produced by a team of principals and assistant principals across Chicago. It is titled Inequitable and Fiscally Negligent Charter School Policy at CPS: Double Standards Lead to Systematic Misappropriation of Funds.



Kent Lau