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Turning the Page: CPAA Advocates for School Leaders Before the New Board of Education

CPAA Calls for Stronger Principal
and AP Influence on Board Policy

Yesterday CPAA President Troy LaRaviere appeared before the Chicago Board of Education to deliver a letter signed by our entire Governing Board. In it, we called for a new era of cooperation, consultation, and collaboration between the Board and the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association. The letter was the first page in an eight-page report that describes and provides evidence in support of three of our highest priorities:

Priority 1: Normalize relations and institutionalize CPAA input in Board policymaking.
Priority 2: Take affirmative steps toward sufficient school staffing.
Priority 3: Repeal the policy of rescinding pension contributions and institute fair compensation.

The report also mentioned other priorities such as changing SQRP, eliminating redundant compliance demands, and others. However, we wanted to keep our asks focused so that we can make some progress on specific issues. The Board President, Miguel del Valle, said he wanted to talk further about our priorities and another board member reached out after the meeting to get electronic copies of the report President LaRaviere shared with them at the meeting. Both were promising signs.

Click the following link to read the report we submitted to the Board.

Troy LaRaviere