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The Way Forward: Building A Powerful Community

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CPAA President, Troy LaRaviere, Re-Elected.

LaRaviere’s statement is below.

Dear CPAA Members:
Thank you to all of you who participated in CPAA’s 2019 Triennial Elections, and a special thank you to the members of our 2019 Election Committee. No matter who you supported, we all face similar challenges as school administrators in CPS. It is through CPAA that we can confront those challenges together. We’ve shown the potential of CPAA to bring change over the past three years, and now we must take on new challenges.

President Barack Obama once said, “The way power works at every level — whether it’s the United Nations or in your neighborhood — is, ‘Do you have a community that stands behind what you stand for?’ If you do, you’ll have more power. If you don’t, you won’t.” The work ahead for CPAA is to create a powerful community that stands behind what you stand for: A community that stands behind adequate staffing and funding for your schools; a community that stands behind the equitable treatment of schools and neighborhoods; a community that stands behind a system of compensation that reflects our workload and expertise, and a community that stands behind policies that give us the tools to help realize the potential of every student we serve.

That is the community CPAA must build and it will take all of us working together to bring that community to life. I am honored to be entrusted with another term as your President, and I will do everything I can to build that powerful community with you.


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Troy LaRaviere, President
Chicago Principals & Administrators Association


CPAA 2019-2022 Governing Board

President: Troy LaRaviere
Treasurer: Ryan Belville
Secretary: Yasmeen Muhammad-Leonard
VP of Elem Principals: Rigo Hernandez
VP of HS Principals: Joyce Kenner
VP of Elem AP's: Phil Yasenak
Aux 1 President: Susan Paik
Aux 2 President: Turon Ivy
Aux 3 President: Tonya Tolbert
Aux 11 President: Melissa Resh
Aux 16 President: Sylvia Asllani
Aux 16 Vice President: Patricia Kubistal
Aux 16 Secretary: Gerald Dugan

Detailed Results


Troy LaRaviere (67.45%)
Cynthia Miller (32.55%)

Ryan Belville (63.53%)
Christine Zelenka (36.47%)

July Cyrus (40.55%)
Yasmeen Muhammad (59.45%)


Vice President, Elementary Principals
Rigo Hernandez (55.80%)
Judith Sauri (44.20%)

Vice President, High School Principals
Joyce Kenner (69.23%)
Gerald Morrow (30.77%)

Vice President, Elementary Assistant Principals
Edwin Mason (36.62%)
Phil Yasenak (63.38%)


Auxiliary 1
President: Susan Paik (unopposed)

Auxiliary 2
President: Turon Ivy (unopposed)

Auxiliary 3
President: Tonya Tolbert (unopposed)

Auxiliary 11
President: Melissa Resh (unopposed)

Auxiliary 16
President: Silvia Asllani (unopposed)
Vice President: Patricia Kubistal
Secretary: Gerald Dugan


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2019 Election Committee

Antonio Acevedo, Principal, Whittier Elementary School
Shanele Andrews, Principal, Orr Academy High School
Alahrie Aziz-Sims, Principal, Bogan High School
Connie Lee, Asst Principal, Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center (Chair)
Beulah McLoyd, Principal, Walter Henri Dyett High School for the Arts

Troy LaRaviere