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President LaRaviere Takes Principal Voices to the Board of Education

Our second two-minute video from last week’s Chicago Board of Education Meeting is composed almost entirely of direct quotes from the men and women who lead Chicago's schools. Their descriptions of the impact of CPS’ secret overhaul of special education guidelines and procedures are a disturbing and heartbreaking call to action for the residents of Chicago.

It won’t happen overnight, but if we work doggedly to build public consciousness about the mismanagement of our schools, it can dramatically impact our ability to create positive change. So please watch and listen to your colleagues describe the impacts of these changes on their schools, and encourage your teachers, parents and community partners to share it widely.

Clip 2: “Our Kids Are Trash to Them” - Direct quotes from principals describing CPS’ neglect of special education students.

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CPAA is the only organization representing the voices of CPS principals, assistant principals, and administrators. Thank you for lending your support to that voice!

Troy LaRaviere