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CPAA Makes CPS Blink on Pay Raise: After President LaRaviere Announces Compensation Policy Group, CPS Forms Compensation "Working Group"

Last Wednesday, October 26, 2016 President LaRaviere sent a message to our members announcing the formation of our compensation “policy group” to push for long overdue raises for principals, assistant principals and other administrators. Exactly one week later, on November 2nd, CEO Claypool sent school leaders an email announcing that they were forming a compensation “working group” saying, “it is time that our financial commitment to you lives up to all we ask of you.”

The similarity between the CPS announcement and the CPAA announcement are striking.

President LaRaviere’s October 26th message began as follows:

Now that CPS has reached a tentative agreement with teachers, it is time they show how much they value the educators who lead their schools. Toward that end, CPAA is commissioning a policy group….

CEO Claypool’s November 2nd message began similarly:

As we work to provide clarity on what the new CTU contract will mean for you, we want to acknowledge what we all know: principals are overdue for a raise…. Every principal will have an opportunity to provide feedback as we move forward, beginning with a working group of principals….

It is clear that the it was the prospect of an organized group of CPAA members demanding fair compensation that prompted CPS to act. As a result of President LaRaviere’s initiative and advocacy, CPS is finally on the path to giving school leaders their first pay raise in seven years.

Troy LaRaviere