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Leaders and Libations Event Moves CPAA Work Forward

L & L: Goals and Objectives

CPAA’s Leaders and Libations event moved our work forward in several ways. Part social event, part networking, and part issues discussion, Leaders and Libations is aimed at giving school leaders a relaxed environment away from schools and network offices to imagine a better school district and the steps it will take to move CPS toward that vision.

Event Accomplishments

  • A key to strong issue organizing is getting to know our colleagues and building strong relationships around issues of public concern. Our event succeed in getting members to begin building such relationships with one another.

  • We elected a president and vice president for Auxiliary II and strengthen our effort to create a citywide congress to represent all school leaders.we put together the beginnings of an organizing team for Auxiliary XI (North and West Side High Schools). This advanced our plan to create a citywide congress to represent the interest of all CPS school leaders.

  • New members joined on the spot bringing our total over the last week to ten new members. Over half the principals and assistant principals in CPS are now members of CPAA and we're continuing our push toward a super-majority (67%) and beyond.

  • Our issue prioritization work took another step forward during our post-it note activity in which members and nonmembers alike prioritized issues. Here are the results.

  • Staffing Adequacy: 19 votes

  • Fair and accurate accountability: 13 votes

  • Funding Equity: 8 votes

  • Teacher Training: 7 votes

  • Funding Adequacy: 1 vote

  • Optimal Scheduling: 0 votes

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