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chicago's understaffed schools

This is the CPS statewide rank on the most critical measure of how a district supports its students: the ratio of students to certified staff. On this critical measure of support available for principals to realize the mission of their schools, CPS is almost dead last in our state.  It means that CPS is virtually the worst staffed district in Illinois... READ MORE 

SPED Appeal Delay and Deny Tactics

CPAA has developed a timeline depicting two real-life examples of CPS principals appealing to central office officials to use funds for special education student needs. These funds were already in the school budgets, but frozen, pending the outcome of the appeals.  In constructing the timeline, CPAA has identified four categories of tactics used by CPS officials in the budget appeals process to deny special education services to students with documented academic needs... READ MORE

Compensation and working conditions

As Chicago Public Schools revamps its compensation model for Principals and Assistant Principals, the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association has serious concerns regarding CPS’s approach to compensating the people who lead its schools.  Our concerns regard the following... READ MORE

On Principal is an initiative of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association aimed at changing public policy by cultivating professional civic consciousness among school leaders and educators, and developing greater understanding of educational issues on the part of policy makers and the general public.



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