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Member Service and Benefits

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Employment related legal costs can rise to tens of thousands of dollars. CPAA members however get comprehensive legal services and representation at no cost. From consultation services to court litigation, our members are covered. Visit our Legal Services page to learn more.

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CPAA fought successfully for the first pay raise for school leaders in more than seven years, for state intervention to improve special educational staffing, and for the end of lump sum budgeting (aka SBB) for special education staffing. There is still a strong need to address severe understaffing, inept facilities management (Aramark/Sodexo), flawed accountability systems (e.g., SQRP), burdensome redundant compliance mandates, undermining neighborhood public schools, and a rigged competition with charter schools. Visit our Issue and Advocacy page to learn more.

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Every school leader must complete an Illinois Administrators’ Academy course once a year to keep his or her license current. IAA Chicago (headquartered at CPAA) is the preeminent place in Chicago where school leaders can complete this important coursework. In 2016 Chicago Public Schools ended its direct support of IAA Chicago, which left local school leaders without a familiar and trusted option for these critical courses. Fortunately, CPAA took on the expense of continuing to operate these courses so that CPS principals, assistant principals, and administrators would not have to seek out more distance and costly alternatives in order to satisfy this state-mandated requirement. For more in IAA, please To learn more, visit our IAA page.

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Your membership in CPAA automatically makes you a member of the American Federation of School Administrators at no additional costs. All active CPAA members receive affiliate membership in the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA). AFSA is the only national education union for school leaders and has been fighting for quality public school education for students of all backgrounds since 1976. AFSA is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO and our mission is to promote the professional, occupational, and economic interests of our 20,000 members and to fight for the highest quality public school education for the students we serve. Browse the AFSA website to learn more about our national association.

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AFSA also provides additional benefits, discounts and incentives  to CPAA members through Union Plus ( Visit their website to see what's available. For "Union," select "American Federation of School Administrators.”