Chicago Principals & Administrators Association

Legal Counsel

Legal Services

From employment law, to family law and wills, CPAA has you covered.

Legal Service and Consultation

CPAA employs a full-time general counsel who provides invaluable legal support and advice to members regarding their on-the-job issues. Our attorney has worked with members to do everything from securing a restraining order on a community member exhibiting stalking behavior, to representing members during inquiries of the CPS Office of the Inspector General. CPAA has worked to mediate conflicts between principals and parent groups, and our general counsel has secured back pay for assistant principal members who were denied adequate compensated transition time. Call (312) 263-7767 (Ext 131) to speak with our general counsel. Help is just a phone call away.

Employment Litigation

Starting in 2016—for the first time in the history of our association—CPAA sued CPS on behalf of a member. In 2018 we brought in a litigation team so that all CPAA members could be represented with the power of lawsuits, injunctions, and other court actions. Our new legal partner, Blaine and Vanzant, is busy on behalf of Chicago’s school leaders and is considering a class action lawsuit against CPS for repeatedly violating Constitutional due process rights when they act against school leaders.

Non-Employment Related Legal Services

Employment related legal services are covered by our staff and contract attorneys at no cost to our members. Should you need legal assistance unrelated to your job (family law, traffic court, wills and estate planning, etc.), our national organization, the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA), provides additional legal support for these and other legal matters. Click here for details.