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CPAA members enjoy no-cost comprehensive legal services, discounted access to state mandated professional development, dual membership in the American Federation of School Administrators, and a wide array of Union Plus benefits. In addition, CPAA has fought successful policy battles that have benefitted all school leaders such as our push for a pay raise and our work to increase special education staffing.

You are CPAA. Our strength is in our total membership, and in the active involvement of a critical mass of those members. The first step toward strengthening our organization is to join us by becoming a dues-paying member. Our dues keep our organization independent. That independence enables us to act solely in the interest of our members. Visit our benefits page for a more detailed description of the benefits of joining CPAA, or click on the applicable link below to become a member. CPAA is the ONLY organization representing Chicago’s school leaders. Keep it strong by joining today.

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