Chicago Principals & Administrators Association

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The mission of the Chicago Principals & Administrators Association is to provide the educational and ethical leadership needed in local school communities and across the system to ensure that all students will attain the highest standards of achievement.

The Association is dedicated to achieving this mission by supporting its members through a coordinated program of services, benefits, and advocacy. Specific action directions include:

  • representing members regarding welfare issues including compensation and benefits;

  • advising members in professional matters related to due process and legal issues;

  • providing leadership in local and systemwide decision making and policy formulation;

  • influencing local, state, and federal legislation related to education;

  • establishing standards and best practices to guide administrative actions;

  • sponsoring meaningful professional development programs and activities to meet the unique needs and requirements of experienced, beginning, and aspiring administrators;

  • developing a proactive communications and public relations plan to better serve members and targeted external groups;

  • providing a support system for networking and a clearing-house for information; and

  • increasing collaboration with other professional associations, universities, business partners, and education reform groups.



Troy LaRaviere
(312) 263-7767, ext. 123

William Quinlan
(312) 263-7767, ext. 131

Kent Lau
(312) 263-7767, ext. 122

Mia Maynard
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